Happy☆Lesson (TV) (Dub)

Happy☆Lesson (TV) (Dub)

Hitotose Chitose was always alone and untrusting of people but when 5 female teachers appear and started living together with him in his family's house as his mothers, things started to change and pick up, together with Hazuki-nee and Minazuki (his 2 sisters) everyday is a lesson. (Source: ANN)

Other names: Happy☆Lesson (TV) (Dub)
Status: Completed
Studio: Studio Hibari
Scores: 6.63 / 9.99
Country: Japan
Episode: 13 / 13
Duration: 23 min/ep
Date release: 2002-04-01
Date aired: 2002-04-01 - 2002-06-30

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